Conference Programme

Among the Invited Speakers are:


 Guillaume Castanet (France)

 Giancarlo Franzese (Spain)

 Paola Gallo (Italy)

Jong-Hyun Kim (South Korea) 

 Norbert Kucerka (Slovak Republic)

 Aatto Laaksonen (Sweden)

 Iosif Malaescu (Romania)

 Roderick Melnik (Canada)

 Francesca Mocci (Italy)

Eiji Osawa (Japan) 

Miha Ravnik (Slovenia) 

Ivo Safarik (Czech Republic) 

 Vladimir Tsukruk (USA)

 Xincheng Xie (China)

Mikhail Zheludkevich (Germany) 



Parallel and Poster Sessions

 An Oral presentation is limited to 20 minutes. Illustrative materials should be presented in electronic format only as PDF or MS PowerPoint multimedia presentation.

Field of a Poster presentation is up to 1 square meter.

The openeing ceremony and Plenary Session will be held on May 22-th at the Conference Hall, 36, Vasilkovskaya str.

Parallel and Poster Sessions will be held at Physics Faculty, 4 Glushkova av.




The conference language is English only.


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